Entry #2

New cartoon!)

2010-04-04 19:05:52 by Spoontamer

Just look and leave a comments!)

New cartoon!)


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2010-04-04 19:54:46

You're really good animate, but the plot isn't your strong side, i think :(
Also, it's good to see awesome russian animator :D


2010-04-05 03:38:35

It was excellent, the Detail was really good. The plot was weak, but I assume this is how it was supposed to be, and I like it as just a short funny story.
Cute creature. Good animation all up.


2010-04-06 22:31:36

wow guys. Have you ever seen a short before? Thats what it was. Theres not supposed to be any complicated, breath-taking plot or story behind it. Its just supposed to be for fun. And I enjoyed it.


2010-05-01 11:30:59

It will eat you!


2011-06-22 12:02:20

Peyzaj kruto narisoval)))